Welcome to AgriTech Nordic 2022 on the 22th and 23rd of June

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Over the last few years, lots of new technology has been demonstrated that can improve food production at sea and on land. Our current food system solves a huge problem in that it manages to feed the population with incrementally improving tools and technology. These improvements will however not be sufficient to meet the growing demand for sustainably grown food, therefore this development needs acceleration, quickly. War and instability in the world economy has put food security and sustainability at the top of the agenda, making an opportune moment for innovation. 

Alternative protein, vertical farming, circular systems and land-based aquaculture are just some of the innovations that vil make up the food systems of the future, but the enormity of production demands a large scale to have a real effect. If the nordics are to be key players on the tech side of the bio-economy, the best technology needs to be scaled today, to be important tomorrow. 

The global investments in agritech continue to multiply, but the majority of the scaling and investments har been external to the nordics. This year AgriTech Nordic will focus on how we can scale nordic technology fast in a global context, I’ll see you there. 

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